Our on-line entry system offers the ability to take entries online and much, much more….

At only £1 admin fee to the exhibitor - Our online system is the UK's most economical online entry system

Club Page (click on link to see sample of Club page) This is a mini, one-page website that presents an online version of your Show. It is reviewed by all exhibitors interested in your show and includes the show title, dates, location, contact information, classes, activities. In addition, each Event Page has built-in social networking capabilities for exhibitors to share and build a sense of community around your event. Your Show is automatically generated by Paw Print and will be indexed by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo to be fully accessed by the public.

E-commerce Feature.
Over and above the standard "extras" that Club's offer on their entry forms - eg. Pre-ordered catalogues, sponsorship, membership renewal, the Club can use this page to offer any item they wish to advertise or sell - eg. Seminar tickets, Year Books, Pre-booked Food….in fact, anything….

Entry Processing.
With ever increasing postage costs, handling paper entry forms and cheques is fast becoming a thing of the past. With Paw Print everything can be done online using any computer and web browser - don't worry, we still deal with exhibitors who enter the old fashioned way!

Exhibitor Data.
When an exhibitor enters their information on Paw Print, everything is saved in our secure databases making it easy for exhibitors to register for future events. We collect all the information you’ll need and produce a report for the Club. Paw Print, automatically sends confirmation back to the exhibitor. The system keeps track of the details so that you don’t have to.

Show Catalogue.
One of the most important elements of any dog show is the Catalogue. Paw Print will automatically create, print and finish your catalogue and deliver it in time for your show.

Creating visibility for your show is an essential part of getting exhibitors to sign up. Once your show is “live”, the marketing process begins. We send a weekly email to our database of dog enthusiasts or you can specify your own list. Your show will be featured in our email blast a total of four times:

  • ♦  6 weeks prior to the show to with a “save the date” message
  • ♦  4 weeks prior to the show to announce online entry is now available
  • ♦  2 weeks prior to the close of entry, letting exhibitors know that time is running out
  • ♦  1 week prior to the close of entry, giving exhibitors one last chance to sign up
  • In addition to the email that is sent above, Paw Print, also automatically sends reminder messages to exhibitors who have started to enter for your show, but who failed to complete the process. For example, some individuals will abandon the entry process when they don’t have all the required information available or when they get to the point of payment. Paw Print will automatically identify these individuals and send them reminders to finish entering.
    Paw Print also promotes your show through social marketing channels including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and our own blog. Reaching consumers through social networks is proving to be the next “big thing” in marketing for many products and services.

Making sure you receive entry fees is a critical component of the system. We use Paypal, a recognised industry leader in secure payment processing. Exhibitors can rest assured that their personal information is safe, and they can submit payment using any credit card. Entry fees are automatically and immediately forwarded into your Paypal account each time someone registers for your event.

It's as easy as that!

If the On-Line Entry System is used in tandem with our MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT
it will automatically notify the exhibitor that their membership has lapsed and that to receive the benefit of members reduced entry fees, they must first go and renew their club membership, or enter at the full price.
No more headaches for the Show Secretary, chasing underpayments!

If an exhibitor has changed their address since joining the Club, when they are entering their dog for the show with their new address, the system automatically updates the Membership database.

…….and this is just the beginning…..there's more

Using our Membership Management System gives Clubs the ability to automatically send newsletters,
updated information, news,generate a list of exhibitors at the previous show/events, carry out confidential polls…

We are continually adding new features by request, so if your club has any ideas - let us know

The last question…..and the most important is…..



For more information on this unique new system contact Paw-Print
+44 (0) 1536 744360
email: enquiries@paw-print.org.uk

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